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How Art Collectors can Increase the Value of their Collection

Many people think that collecting is all about buying art at affordable prices, and then selling it once the artists strike big and the value of their pieces soar. But in reality, things are a bit more complicated than that.

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Investing in Artist Branding

It’s not a secret that collectors like to invest in promising young artists that are expected to shoot to stardom in the years to come. To increase the value of unknown artists’ pieces, collectors often work together with artists to help them turn their name into a brand. A great example for this is Charles Saatchi, an art collector and art patron who helped shape the careers of young Goldsmiths college students that will later become known under the moniker Young British Artists.

Showing Works in Collector-Founded Venues

Charles Saatchi is just one of many art collectors who used their own exhibition venues to showcase their collections and raise the price of their pieces. Donald and Mera Rubell for example, store and exhibit their art in a former DEA warehouse where occasionally they organize exhibitions of the selected pieces.

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Landing Art to Major Art Institutions

Lending art to museums is a common practice of collectors eager to increase the value of their pieces. Sometimes entire museum shows are centered around works from private collections. In 2010, the Art Institute of Chicago hosted 5 exhibitions featuring works from private collections.

Hosting an Exhibition at Home

Collectors often put their favorite artworks on permanent display at their own homes where friends, acquaintances, business partners, and other guests can enjoy them. But in recent years, organizing full-scale sales shows in collector’s homes has become common as well. Many of these selling shows coincidence with major art fairs held in the same city. During last year’s art Cologne, Basel-based gallery von Bartha organized a sales exhibition at collectors Mike Meire’sapartment, that featured both, gallery works and works from Maire’s private collection.

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Investing in Artist’s Professional Development

To fuel the career of emerging artists, and subsequently raise the value of their art, many collectors invest a certain amount of money into artists’ professional development. World-renowned art collectors Poju and Anita Zabludowicz, for example, organize art residencies for artists on a small island in Finland. It’s here that emerging and mid-career artists can take some time to experiment and perfect their skills while being inspired by the idyllic wonderland.

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